Terms and Conditions

Payment in full via PayPal invoice is required before the start of all commissions.

Graphic Design Commissions

All Graphic/Digital Work Commission payments must be made in full prior to the start of any work. 

Once your commissioned work has been discussed and payment made, 1-3 hand-drawn or digital “sketches” are made and provided for your review to further the client’s brainstorming process. Once a design is agreed upon, the digital process will begin. 

Revisions & Changes

Your payment allows for up to (3) revisions to be made during the digital process. If at any time you exceed your maximum number of allowed revisions, an additional $5 per edit/change is required and increases the overall cost of your commissioned work. Your payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable to any other commissions. The time frame of your project will depend on the current workload of the artist and other commissioned pieces in the line-up of production.

No designs will be printed. I can recommend and help clients search for the perfect printing option for their commissioned work, but I will not be providing printed pieces. Upon completion of your design, a .jpeg, .png, and .pdf version of your commission will be provided with watermark removed. If you would like the layered image files (for future editing in Adobe Creative Cloud programs), this will be an additional $100 fee.

Fine Art Commissions

Payment in full is required before the start of all Fine Art Commissions. Please provide all necessary “inspiration” or images that portray your artwork idea. If you have specific color choices for your piece, please state them at the time of your commission’s request; or else I will assume all creative freedom with color choices. Initial sketch updates will be provided to begin the process and insure the client’s needs are met. Painting updates will not be provided. Production time from the initial payment until completion will depend on the current workload of the artist and other commissioned pieces in the line-up of production (not to exceed 4 weeks). Once your piece is complete, you will be updated with a full view of your custom artwork. Shipment will take place 24-48hrs after completion to allow drying time and client will be provided with tracking information.