Tamara Shea Art now on Ko-Fi!

PSST! Don’t worry, this will always be my main website for information, updates, and more! Ko-Fi is here to help YOU with purchasing my artwork with ease!

For some time I had been searching for an e-commerce avenue that worked for me. Thanks to a sweet friend I’ve made in the online gaming and art community, Momo Machi Art, I have finally found one that works for me. Today, I am launching Tamara Shea Art on Ko-Fi! If you’ve not heard of this website before, well I’m here to tell you all about it and why it’s going to be a game change for my artwork and for those who enjoy it 🙂

Ko-Fi is an online platform with the intent to help small-time creators like myself, take a big leap in getting our content and creations out for people to see an enjoy! With this new social tool, I’m able to connect with the audience of those who love my work. Ko-Fi allows me to make special posts just for followers, showcase my work in a Gallery, AND the best part? Offer an online Shop! That’s right, now you can purchase my ready-to-ship artworks and more directly from my Ko-Fi. If you’re not in need of any artwork, but would like to support my work with a small donation, you can do so with as little as $3 USD. (Hence, the price off a “coffee”..get it?) Currently all donations are going toward my monetary goal of replenishing art supplies…so I can continue to offer original art pieces for affordable prices.

With this new platform, I have the opportunity to offer tiered monthly subscriptions as well. Currently, I have not taken the leap to set that up but in the future it is definitely something I’d like to try if interest is shown in it. Just imagine, you could get a personalized piece of art every month from me with a small fee!

My main concern is making my artwork easily accessible to all. I know in the digital age we all want information in bite-size pieces;! However, that can sometimes be difficult when you’re dealing with artwork commissions. I want everyone to have all the information they need in order to make the right choice in hiring me as their Graphic Artist/Illustrator. I hope you all find my Ko-Fi to be beneficial and I look forward to posting my works for sale there in the near future.


Have a great day!



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