Shop Update: House Plant Series

Happy Monday, art lovers! 🙂

Today I am announcing a new gouache painting series to hit my Ko-Fi Shop, the House Plant series! This spread of artworks are near and dear to my heart. My Mom used to love collecting and caring for plants. Unfortunately neither her nor I are good at keeping them alive and thriving. 😀 In my own special way, I honor her memory (and enjoy some nice plants) with this series. No watering required.

I wanted to use an earth-toned color palette for this plant series, but I am quite curious as to how it would look in my traditional kawaii pastel color scheme as well. Don’t be surprised if you see a 2.0 version of my House Plant series in the future. I had so much fun capturing these plants from imagery I found online. I’m sure to extend this collection in the future.

You can find all four of these 6 x 9″ original gouache paintings available now in my shop for $20 USD each! As always, FREE Shipping World Wide.

House Plant Series

Mother in Law Tongue: House Plant Series

Cactus: House Plant Series

Monstera: House Plant Series

Bird’s Nest Fern: House Plant Series

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