AUDRA AUCLAIR A Canadian artist who explores lots of different mediums from traditional oil paint to digital formats. Auclair explores surreal female art forms and abstract concepts with bright and bold colors. I love her work and it reminds me a lot of a modern Salvador Dhali. | Web

BAYLEE JAE An artist from Vancouver, British Columbia who inspires those with her lively and fun marker art and watercolor illustrations. I enjoy her use of color and environment creation style. | Web

CHEYENNE FREDERICONI Formally known as Sugarbones online. This Canadian artist’s aesthetic is a sugary sweet color palette. Her illustrations feature bad-ass female empowering concepts. Sugarbones also implements BDSM aspects into her cute artwork; quite a unique pairing. | Web

CHRISTINA LORRE Also known as RawSueshii online. If you’re a fan of Disney’s animation, her style reminds me of it a lot. Christina’s artwork is beautiful in that it explores all nationalities/cultures and gains inspiration from everything trendy from fashion to anime. I also really love her personality; encouraging and faith/religion focused! | Web

GENEVA BOWERS Known as GDBee online, is from North Carolina and has been captivating the art community with her brightly colored, ethnically diverse, wild haired characters and vivid celestial/magical sceneries. Her work has the most creative play with light and shadow casting. She has illustrated many book covers as well as a full children’s book, Allie and Gator. I love GDBee’s work! It simply transports you to another dimension. | Web

JACQUELIN DE LEON Is an illustrator and comic artist from California. I gain much of my inspiration and initial passion for watercolor, from this artist. Her depictions of florals and witchy themes are my favorite. | Web

KEISHLA RODRIQUEZ Formally known as Munrou online, this artist from Puerto Rico celebrates and portrays beautifully the plus sized female form. Her muted color palette and fashion focused artwork really speak to me, as I love fashion (and I’m a plus size woman!) | Web

MARGARET MORALES a designer and watercolor artist from the Philippines, Margaret illustrates the most beautiful and dream like settings of female characters in lush scenery and environment. Her control over water and paint and portrayal of dimensional light in her work is lovely! Artwork themes are inspired by fantasy imagery and Japanese culture. | Web

MINNIE SMALLS Also known as Semi-Skimmed Min. An illustrator from London. I fell in love with Minnie’s work when learning more about gouache and acryla-gouache mediums. She is inspiring with her bold and lively portrayal of the human form as well as her more recent and intricate work of landscapes, plants and houses. | Web

MICHELLE COFFEE Is an artist from New Jersey who has captivated me with her tattoo flash inspired art style. Clean consistent linework and bubbly kawaii cute color palettes are my favorite, and Michelle has both. She works in gouache/acryla couch medium for a smooth and flat even color. Her subject matters range from fan art to Japanese inspired cultural themes. | Web

REBEKAH PALMER Formally known as Rap1993 online; working from Florida. This artist is talented with sculpting and creating 3D figures (ball jointed dolls) she is immensely talented at digital character creation. Her use of gradients and line is always so beautiful and neat. Her characters are fun human/animal hybrids or monster features, with features like cat ears and fox tails. | Web

SONIA STEGEMANN A digital illustrator from Germany, I have recently become enamored with her art style. Smooth, dark outlines, rounded and soft figures and the most beautiful gradients and glow elements in her work are charming! She features the female humans and mermaids. Sonia’s personality and patience to instruct the viewers on what she is creating is also very helpful in learning new techniques. | Web

VICTORIA GADVILLAS ToriAnne, or Juicy Ink online. Working from Tennessee, this illustrator works in art marker and watercolor. Her way of creating is so mesmerizing to watch as she works in quick broad brush strokes or fast lines to create the most realistic human figures. One inspiration I gained from her work is fun additions of glitter, sparkles or gold foil on her works. | Web

QING HAN Formally known as Qinnie or Qinniart online. This Canadian artist’s control of watercolor and the depth of her work is so beautiful. She often turns her watercolor illustrations into digital works, adding lighted elements. Qing’s art story is inspiring as she pushes through her ailments of heart failure daily; still trying to remain positive and enjoying her art process. | Web