Building confidence in your art

Hello art friends! :) Over the last few months I've come a long way in my art style and overall confidence in my work. In this digital age, where access to new and exciting artists and their art styles is easy, it can be just as easy to get yourself down about your own level of work. Not feeling confident in your own art abilities can stem from a number of sources, but what's important to know ... Read the Post

Shop Update: House Plant Series

Happy Monday, art lovers! :) Today I am announcing a new gouache painting series to hit my Ko-Fi Shop, the House Plant series! This spread of artworks are near and dear to my heart. My Mom used to love collecting and caring for plants. Unfortunately neither her nor I are good at keeping them alive and thriving. :D In my own special way, I honor her memory (and enjoy some nice plants) with this ... Read the Post

Arteza Gouache Review + Shop Update!

Ko-Fi Shop Update // Hi friends! This week you can find some cute new original art pieces listed for sale in my Ko-Fi shop! These are 9 x 9" gouache paintings (NOT prints) of the adorable and treacherous 100% Soft dumpster fire character. Ever since discovering this collectable vinyl figure I have been obsessed! Don't see a dumpster fire you like? Feel free to order a customized commission piece; ... Read the Post

Tamara Shea Art now on Ko-Fi!

PSST! Don't worry, this will always be my main website for information, updates, and more! Ko-Fi is here to help YOU with purchasing my artwork with ease! For some time I had been searching for an e-commerce avenue that worked for me. Thanks to a sweet friend I've made in the online gaming and art community, Momo Machi Art, I have finally found one that works for me. Today, I am launching ... Read the Post

Jelly Gouache Review

Check out this video and get a first hand look on how I set up my jelly gouache palette and organized the colors! In today's post I will be sharing my opinions and experiences with the popular new art medium jelly gouache! What is it? How does it work? If you're interested in finding out more on the paint that took over the online art community, keep reading. :) This past February, I ... Read the Post

Meet The Artist

Hello, there :) If it's not obvious already, I'm Tamara! I hope you enjoy your time visiting my space on the internet. In this post, I wanted to share a few things about myself and what inspires me to create! Currently, I am 32-year-old African American women, raised and residing in southern Louisiana. On a day-to-day basis I work full time in the Infant Feeding product industry, designing baby ... Read the Post