Arteza Gouache Review + Shop Update!

Ko-Fi Shop Update // Hi friends! This week you can find some cute new original art pieces listed for sale in my Ko-Fi shop! These are 9 x 9″ gouache paintings (NOT prints) of the adorable and treacherous 100% Soft dumpster fire character. Ever since discovering this collectable vinyl figure I have been obsessed! Don’t see a dumpster fire you like? Feel free to order a customized commission piece; made to your specifications. These artworks are $35 USD (Update: Now with FREE World Wide Shipping!) // Shop Now!

Once again, I broke down and fell into the YouTube art community’s trap of hyped (yet affordable) art supplies. Today, I am going to be giving my honest opinion of the Arteza 60ct. Gouache set. This brand of art supplies has become quite popular online, but is it as good as all the big channels say it is?

Arteza art supplies are available for purchase on or their website This set cost me $29.99 USD (plus tax). Not a bad price at all for such a large selection of colors!


Along with gouache sketches in my sketchbook, I completed my entire dumpster fire painting series with Arteza gouache. I am loving how everything came out 🙂


Rating: 10 of 10 // I’ve been using this Arteza gouache set for six months now; since my initial purchase in mid-January. I’ve had time to really see how the paint performs. My expectations were really low for this product not only because of the price point, but because of so many sponsored reviews on YouTube. After finally trying it out for myself, I am pleasantly surprised that the talk is NOT all hype…the Arteza gouache really is great!

As always with gouache, don’t expect any lightfastness benefits, however for my needs and the artwork I produce I am really happy with it and recommend this product willingly. The 60ct set offers a great variety of colors (especially if you hate mixing paints) and they all blend/mix well together to create new shades. Wether watered down to a transparent wash, or applied to full opacity for opaque finish, this gouache performs beautifully. Colors dry down completely matte with no shine. The reactivation with water is painless when on paper, but on the actual palette your time is limited. I did leave some paint on my porcelain palette over night and returning the next day to re-activate with water wasn’t the easiest. So, I would advise to use a little at a time, so as not to waste on dried up paint. The box it comes with is also very handy and I plan on keeping mine to better stay organized! Overall I really enjoy them.

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