Welcome to Tamara Shea Art

This website is an online art portfolio and outlet for discussing all art related (or art inspiring) topics, by Graphic Designer/Illustrator Tamara Shea. Here, you can browse past commissioned works, passion projects and works in progress. If you are looking for a creative to complete your next digital or fine art project, consider Tamara Shea Art! For a detailed list of Services please, follow the links. Want to drop a line and say ‘Hello!’ or ask a question? Feel free to use this Contact.

About The Artist

Tamara Shea (best known as Mara, online) is a 32-year-old African American artist from Louisiana. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Nicholls State University and has been working as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator for 6+ years. Tamara works professionally as an artist in the field of Infant & Toddler textiles/feeding products. She is a self-taught intermediate web designer with knowledge based in WordPress platform. Her artistic passion lies in watercolor / mixed media painting and illustration (both digital and traditional).

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My Career Path

In April 2018, I came across a hashtag that has been popular amongst artists sharing their work on Twitter called #MyCareerPath. Each artist chronologies their journey and career in art. I thought this would make a great timeline for myself and always remind myself that everyone’s timing of success and fulfillment is different. Every person and their path is different- there’s nothing wrong with that! I am no celebrity or even well known on social media, but I am proud at the level of accomplishment I have achieved; for myself. So, let’s begin.

AGE 20-23 Graduated high school in 2008 and finally realizing my true passion of Art (and not Journalism) Began college in 2011 at Nicholls State, after working in the janitorial service for local chemical plants and office buildings.

AGE 24-27 Studied graphic art at Nicholls State. Interned for  Baton Rouge Parents Magazine in Summer 2014 and graduated in 2015 with a B.F.A. in Art/Graphic Design. I landed my first graphic design position at Welcome Host, LLC working with their Birthday Pals direct mail marketing program designing mail marketing materials.

AGE 28-29 I decided to teach myself the traditional medium of watercolor and Mara Medium online art portfolio and blog was born from this exploration! Since 2017 I have been undertaking freelance art commissions in both watercolor and graphic design. I began posting my artwork on social media for the very first time. From April 2017- mid July 2018 I worked as the Art Director at Welcome Host, LLC; a direct mail marketing company. Late July 2018 I transitioned to working with Hamco, Inc. (now Sassy Baby, Inc.) as a Jr. Designer for a leading company in the production of infant and toddler bibs and accessories.

AGE 30 March 2019 marks the continuation of my self taught learning in art and the undertaking of learning Digital Drawing and Illustration. May 2019 the Mara Medium blog is expanded and re-launched as Mara Medium Art on a self-hosted web space. May 2019 also brings about the opening of Mara Medium Art on Etsy for ready-to-ship artworks. July 2019 marks one full year with Sassy Baby, Inc. and status from Jr. Designer to Graphic Designer/Illustrator is initiated.

AGE 31-32 As for most, the year 2020 brought much sadness and loss; as it is with Tamara Shea’s career. Freelance artwork was put on hold during a time of grieving. 2021 welcomed in an array of growth and changes and Tamara Shea Art was born! With renewed vigor, Mara Medium rebranded as Tamara Shea Art. As of June 9th the Tamara Shea Art gallery and online shop opened on Ko-Fi.

…and the story continues to be written…